Dieter Bohlen

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1Modern Talking  Wild Wild WaterLet's Talk About Love (The 2nd Album)1985
2Modern Talking  Love Don't Live Here AnymoreLet's Talk About Love (The 2nd Album)1985
3Modern Talking  With A Little LoveLet's Talk About Love (The 2nd Album)1985
4Modern Talking  Heaven Will KnowLet's Talk About Love (The 2nd Album)1985
5Modern Talking  Let's Talk About LoveLet's Talk About Love (The 2nd Album)1985
6Modern Talking  Cheri Cheri LadyLet's Talk About Love (The 2nd Album)1985
7Modern Talking  Just Like An AngelLet's Talk About Love (The 2nd Album)1985
8Modern Talking  Don't Give UpLet's Talk About Love (The 2nd Album)1985
9Modern Talking  You're The Lady Of My HeartLet's Talk About Love (The 2nd Album)1985
10Modern Talking  Why Did You Do It Just TonightLet's Talk About Love (The 2nd Album)1985
11Modern Talking  One In A MillionThe 1st Album1985
12Modern Talking  There's Too Much Blue In Missing YouThe 1st Album1985
13Modern Talking  Lucky GuyThe 1st Album1985
14Modern Talking  You Can Win If You WantThe 1st Album1985
15Modern Talking  You're My Heart, You're My SoulThe 1st Album1985
16Modern Talking  The Night Is Yours - The Night Is MineThe 1st Album1985
17Modern Talking  Bells Of ParisThe 1st Album1985
18Modern Talking  Diamonds Never Made A LadyThe 1st Album1985
19Modern Talking  One In A MillionYou Can Win If You Want1985
20Modern Talking  You Can Win If You Want (Special Dance Version)You Can Win If You Want1985
21C. C. Catch  I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Maxi-Version)Catch The Catch1986
22C. C. Catch  Stay (Maxi-Version)Catch The Catch1986
23C. C. Catch  'Cause You Are Young (Maxi-Version)Catch The Catch1986
24C. C. Catch  Strangers By Night (Maxi-Version)Catch The Catch1986
25C. C. Catch  One Night's Not EnoughCatch The Catch1986
26C. C. Catch  You Can Be My Lucky Star Tonight (Maxi-Version)Catch The Catch1986
27C. C. Catch  You Shot A Hole In My Soul (Maxi-Version)Catch The Catch1986
28C. C. Catch  Jump In My Car (Maxi-Version)Catch The Catch1986
29Modern Talking  Give Me Peace On EarthIn The Middle Of Nowhere - The 4th Album1986
30Modern Talking  In ShaireIn The Middle Of Nowhere - The 4th Album1986
31Modern Talking  Riding On A White SwanIn The Middle Of Nowhere - The 4th Album1986
32Modern Talking  Lonely Tears In ChinatownIn The Middle Of Nowhere - The 4th Album1986
33Modern Talking  Princess Of The NightIn The Middle Of Nowhere - The 4th Album1986
34Modern Talking  Geronimo's CadillacIn The Middle Of Nowhere - The 4th Album1986
35Modern Talking  Ten Thousand Lonely DrumsIn The Middle Of Nowhere - The 4th Album1986
36Modern Talking  The Angels Sing In New York CityIn The Middle Of Nowhere - The 4th Album1986
37Modern Talking  Sweet Little SheilaIn The Middle Of Nowhere - The 4th Album1986
38Modern Talking  Stranded In The Middle Of NowhereIn The Middle Of Nowhere - The 4th Album1986
39Modern Talking  Brother LouieReady For Romance - The 3rd Album1986
40Modern Talking  Save Me - Don't Break MeReady For Romance - The 3rd Album1986
41Modern Talking  Angie's HeartReady For Romance - The 3rd Album1986
42Modern Talking  Doctor For My HeartReady For Romance - The 3rd Album1986
43Modern Talking  Hey YouReady For Romance - The 3rd Album1986
44Modern Talking  Lady LaiReady For Romance - The 3rd Album1986
45Modern Talking  Keep Love AliveReady For Romance - The 3rd Album1986
46Modern Talking  Just We Two (Mona Lisa)Ready For Romance - The 3rd Album1986
47Modern Talking  Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)Ready For Romance - The 3rd Album1986
48Modern Talking  Only Love Can Break My HeartReady For Romance - The 3rd Album1986
49C. C. Catch  Picture Blue EyesWelcome To The Heartbreak Hotel1986
50C. C. Catch  Heaven And HellWelcome To The Heartbreak Hotel1986
51C. C. Catch  Stop - Draggin' My Heart AroundWelcome To The Heartbreak Hotel1986
52C. C. Catch  Heartbreak HotelWelcome To The Heartbreak Hotel1986
53C. C. Catch  You Can't Run Away From ItWelcome To The Heartbreak Hotel1986
54C. C. Catch  Wild FireWelcome To The Heartbreak Hotel1986
55C. C. Catch  V.I.P. (They're Callin' Me Tonight)Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel1986
56C. C. Catch  Born On The WindWelcome To The Heartbreak Hotel1986
57C. C. Catch  Tears Won't Wash Away My HeartacheWelcome To The Heartbreak Hotel1986
58C. C. Catch  Hollywood NightsWelcome To The Heartbreak Hotel1986
59Modern Talking  Who Will Save The WorldIn The Garden Of Venus - The 6th Album1987
60Modern Talking  Slow MotionIn The Garden Of Venus - The 6th Album1987
61Modern Talking  Don't Let It Get You DownIn The Garden Of Venus - The 6th Album1987
62Modern Talking  Don't Lose My NumberIn The Garden Of Venus - The 6th Album1987
63Modern Talking  In 100 Years (Reprise)In The Garden Of Venus - The 6th Album1987
64Modern Talking  It's ChristmasIn The Garden Of Venus - The 6th Album1987
65Modern Talking  Good Girls Go To Heaven - Bad Girls Go To EverywhereIn The Garden Of Venus - The 6th Album1987
66Modern Talking  In 100 YearsIn The Garden Of Venus - The 6th Album1987
67Modern Talking  A Telegram To Your HeartIn The Garden Of Venus - The 6th Album1987
68Modern Talking  Locomotion TangoIn The Garden Of Venus - The 6th Album1987
69C. C. Catch  Are You Man EnoughLike a Hurricane1987
70C. C. Catch  Don't Wait Too LongLike a Hurricane1987
71C. C. Catch  Smoky Joe's CaféLike a Hurricane1987
72C. C. Catch  Midnight Gambler (Long Version)Like a Hurricane1987
73C. C. Catch  Like A HurricaneLike a Hurricane1987
74C. C. Catch  Soul Survivor (Long Version)Like a Hurricane1987
75C. C. Catch  Good Guys Only Win In Movies (Long Version)Like a Hurricane1987
76C. C. Catch  Don't Be A HeroLike a Hurricane1987
77C. C. Catch  Dancing In ShadowsLike a Hurricane1987
78Modern Talking  Jet AirlinerRomantic Warriors - The 5th Album1987
79Modern Talking  Romantic WarriorsRomantic Warriors - The 5th Album1987
80Modern Talking  You And MeRomantic Warriors - The 5th Album1987
81Modern Talking  Blinded By Your LoveRomantic Warriors - The 5th Album1987
82Modern Talking  Operator Gimme 6 0 9Romantic Warriors - The 5th Album1987
83Modern Talking  Don't WorryRomantic Warriors - The 5th Album1987
84Modern Talking  We Still Have DreamsRomantic Warriors - The 5th Album1987
85Modern Talking  Like A HeroRomantic Warriors - The 5th Album1987
86Modern Talking  Arabian GoldRomantic Warriors - The 5th Album1987
87Modern Talking  CharleneRomantic Warriors - The 5th Album1987
88Blue System  She's A Lady (Maxi Version)Walking On A Rainbow1987
89Blue System  Big Boys Don't Cry (Maxi Version)Walking On A Rainbow1987
90Blue System  Sorry Little Sarah (Maxi Version)Walking On A Rainbow1987
91Blue System  Emanuelle (Maxi Version)Walking On A Rainbow1987
92Blue System  Gangster Love (Maxi Version)Walking On A Rainbow1987
93Blue System  Love Me More (Maxi Version)Walking On A Rainbow1987
94Blue System  G.T.O.Walking On A Rainbow1987
95Blue System  Voodoo NightsWalking On A Rainbow1987
96C. C. Catch  Are You SeriousBig Fun1988
97C. C. Catch  Little By LittleBig Fun1988
98C. C. Catch  Summer KissesBig Fun1988
99C. C. Catch  Baby I Need Your LoveBig Fun1988
100C. C. Catch  Fire Of LoveBig Fun1988
101C. C. Catch  Backseat Of Your CadillacBig Fun1988
102C. C. Catch  Heartbeat CityBig Fun1988
103C. C. Catch  If I Feel LoveBig Fun1988
104C. C. Catch  Night In AfricaBig Fun1988
105C. C. Catch  Nothing But A HeartacheBig Fun1988
106Blue System  Titanic 650604Body Heat1988
107Blue System  Too YoungBody Heat1988
108Blue System  Do You Wanna Be My GirlfriendBody Heat1988
109Blue System  My Bed Is Too BigBody Heat1988
110Blue System  I Want To Be Your BrotherBody Heat1988
111Blue System  Under My SkinBody Heat1988
112Blue System  Body HeatBody Heat1988
113Blue System  Silent WaterBody Heat1988
114Blue System  Love SuiteBody Heat1988
115Blue System  Sorry Little Sarah (New York Dance Mix)Body Heat1988
116Blue System  Magic SymphonyTwilight1989
117Blue System  Madonna BlueTwilight1989
118Blue System  Big Yellow TaxiTwilight1989
119Blue System  Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do)Twilight1989
120Blue System  Carry Me Oh CarrieTwilight1989
121Blue System  Save MeTwilight1989
122Blue System  Little JeannieTwilight1989
123Blue System  Love Me On The RocksTwilight1989
124Blue System  Call Me Dr. Love (A New Dimension)Twilight1989
125Blue System  Everything I OwnTwilight1989
126Blue System  Behind The SilenceObsession1990
127Blue System  I'm Not That Kind Of GuyObsession1990
128Blue System  When Sarah SmilesObsession1990
129Blue System  48 HoursObsession1990
130Blue System  I'm The Pilot Of Your LoveObsession1990
131Blue System  Love Is Such A Lonely SwordObsession1990
132Blue System  Two Hearts Beat As OneObsession1990
133Blue System  Another Lonely NightObsession1990
134Blue System  2000 MilesObsession1990
135Blue System  Try The ImpossibleObsession1990
136Blue System  Dressed In BlueDéjà Vu1991
137Blue System  New York - Berlin - ParisDéjà Vu1991
138Blue System  Praying To The AliensDéjà Vu1991
139Blue System  Just Say NoDéjà Vu1991
140Blue System  It's All OverDéjà Vu1991
141Blue System  Sexy ThingDéjà Vu1991
142Blue System  Is It Love?Déjà Vu1991
143Blue System  Déjà VuDéjà Vu1991
144Blue System  Better Than The RestDéjà Vu1991
145Blue System  Mrs. JonesDéjà Vu1991
146Blue System  La Serenata (Overture)Seeds Of Heaven1991
147Blue System  Read My LipsSeeds Of Heaven1991
148Blue System  The Wind Cries (Who Killed Norma Jean)Seeds Of Heaven1991
149Blue System  Is She Really Going Out With Him? (Live Recorded In Leningrad Autumn 1990)Seeds Of Heaven1991
150Blue System  Lisa Said...Seeds Of Heaven1991
151Blue System  Testamente D'AmeliaSeeds Of Heaven1991
152Blue System  Sad Girl In The SunsetSeeds Of Heaven1991
153Blue System  LuciferSeeds Of Heaven1991
154Blue System  Is It A ShameSeeds Of Heaven1991
155Blue System  Don't Tell Me...Seeds Of Heaven1991
156Blue System  Romeo & JulietHello America1992
157Blue System  Satellite To SatelliteHello America1992
158Blue System  Heartache No. 9Hello America1992
159Blue System  I Like Your Sexy BodyHello America1992
160Blue System  Wonderful WorldHello America1992
161Blue System  I Will SurviveHello America1992
162Blue System  VampireHello America1992
163Blue System  FinalHello America1992
164Blue System  Crossing The RiverHello America1992
165Blue System  Hello AmericaHello America1992
166Blue System  Unfinished RhapsodieHello America1992
167Blue System  OperatorBackstreet Dreams1993
168Blue System  Dirty MoneyBackstreet Dreams1993
169Blue System  Michael Has Gone For A SoldierBackstreet Dreams1993
170Blue System  HistoryBackstreet Dreams1993
171Blue System  I'm So ExcitedBackstreet Dreams1993
172Blue System  Talk To MeBackstreet Dreams1993
173Blue System  You Are An AngelBackstreet Dreams1993
174Blue System  Lovers In A Missing WorldBackstreet Dreams1993
175Blue System  Backstreet HeavenBackstreet Dreams1993
176Blue System  Ballerina GirlBackstreet Dreams1993
177Blue System  Don't You Want My Foolish HeartBackstreet Dreams1993
178Blue System  Lady Unforgettable21st Century1994
179Blue System  See You In The 22nd Century21st Century1994
180Blue System  If I Will Rule The World21st Century1994
181Blue System  That's Love21st Century1994
182Blue System  Sister Cool21st Century1994
183Blue System  Venice In The Rain21st Century1994
184Blue System  When Bogart Talks To You21st Century1994
185Blue System  21st Century21st Century1994
186Blue System  6 Years - 6 Nights21st Century1994
187Blue System  This Old Town21st Century1994
188Blue System  Welcome To The 21st Century21st Century1994
189Blue System  Sacrifice21st Century1994
190Blue System  How Will I KnowX - Ten1994
191Blue System  Does Your Mother Really KnowX - Ten1994
192Blue System  Crying GameX - Ten1994
193Blue System  If There Is A God In HeavenX - Ten1994
194Blue System  You'll Be My HeroX - Ten1994
195Blue System  Don't Stop To DanceX - Ten1994
196Blue System  Dr. MabuseX - Ten1994
197Blue System  Don't Knock Me OutX - Ten1994
198Blue System  The Earth Will MoveX - Ten1994
199Blue System  Goodnight MarielinX - Ten1994
200Blue System  When You Are LonelyX - Ten1994
201Blue System  Taxi GirlForever Blue1995
202Blue System  Here I Go AgainForever Blue1995
203Blue System  Baby JealousyForever Blue1995
204Blue System  Love Is Not A TragedyForever Blue1995
205Blue System  It's MoreForever Blue1995
206Blue System  I Wanna SmileForever Blue1995
207Blue System  Marvin's SongForever Blue1995
208Blue System  It's EcstasyForever Blue1995
209Blue System  LailaForever Blue1995
210Blue System  All What I NeedForever Blue1995
211Blue System  Une Chambre Pour La NuitForever Blue1995
212Blue System  Body To Body (Radio Version)Body To Body1996
213Blue System  Dam, DamBody To Body1996
214Blue System  Deeper DeeperBody To Body1996
215Blue System  It's For YouBody To Body1996
216Blue System  FreedomBody To Body1996
217Blue System  For The ChildrenBody To Body1996
218Blue System  On And OnBody To Body1996
219Blue System  Thank God, It's Friday NightBody To Body1996
220Blue System  Only With You (Radio Version)Body To Body1996
221Blue System  Can This Be LoveBody To Body1996
222Blue System  Oh, I Miss YouBody To Body1996
223Blue System  AnythingHere I Am1997
224Blue System  Baby Believe MeHere I Am1997
225Blue System  Shame Shame ShameHere I Am1997
226Blue System  Love Will Drive Me CrazyHere I Am1997
227Blue System  Don't Do ThatHere I Am1997
228Blue System  Every Day, Every NightHere I Am1997
229Blue System  I Love The Way You AreHere I Am1997
230Blue System  C'est La VieHere I Am1997
231Blue System  I Miss YouHere I Am1997
232Blue System  You Are Lyin'Here I Am1997
233Blue System  I Believe You Are An AngelHere I Am1997
234Modern Talking  You're My Heart, You're My Soul (New Version)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
235Modern Talking  You Can Win If You Want (New Version)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
236Modern Talking  Give Me Peace On Earth (New Version)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
237Modern Talking  Anything Is Possible (New Hit '98)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
238Modern Talking  You Can Win If You Want (Original No. 1 Mix '84)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
239Modern Talking  Cheri Cheri Lady (New Version)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
240Modern Talking  Geronimo's Cadillac (New Version)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
241Modern Talking  Lady Lai (New Version)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
242Modern Talking  You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Modern Talking Mix '98)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
243Modern Talking  I Will Follow You (New Hit '98)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
244Modern Talking  Atlantis Is Calling (New Version)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
245Modern Talking  Jet Airliner (New Version)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
246Modern Talking  Angie's Heart (New Version)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
247Modern Talking  Brother Louie (New Version)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
248Modern Talking  Don't Play With My Heart (New Hit '98)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
249Modern Talking  We Take The Chance (New Hit '98)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
250Modern Talking  In 100 Years (New Version)Back For Good - The 7th Album1998
251Modern Talking  No. 1 Hit MedleyBack For Good - The 7th Album1998
252Modern Talking  I Can't Give You MoreAlone - The 8th Album1999
253Modern Talking  Rouge Et NoirAlone - The 8th Album1999
254Modern Talking  Don't Let Me DownAlone - The 8th Album1999
255Modern Talking  Sexy, Sexy LoverAlone - The 8th Album1999
256Modern Talking  I'm So Much In LoveAlone - The 8th Album1999
257Modern Talking  How You Mend A Broken HeartAlone - The 8th Album1999
258Modern Talking  You Are Not AloneAlone - The 8th Album1999
259Modern Talking  Don't Let Me GoAlone - The 8th Album1999
260Modern Talking  Can't Get EnoughAlone - The 8th Album1999
261Modern Talking  Space Mix (The Ultimate Nonstop Mix)Alone - The 8th Album1999
262Modern Talking  Just Close Your EyesAlone - The 8th Album1999
263Modern Talking  All I HaveAlone - The 8th Album1999
264Modern Talking  Taxi GirlAlone - The 8th Album1999
265Modern Talking  Girl Out Of My Dreams2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
266Modern Talking  Part Time Lover2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
267Modern Talking  I'm Not Guilty2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
268Modern Talking  China In Her Eyes2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
269Modern Talking  Don't Take Away My Heart2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
270Modern Talking  After Your Love Is Gone2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
271Modern Talking  Can't Let You Go2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
272Modern Talking  Avec Toi2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
273Modern Talking  Fly To The Moon2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
274Modern Talking  China In Her Eyes (Album Version)2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
275Modern Talking  No Face No Name No Number2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
276Modern Talking  I'll Never Fall In Love Again2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
277Modern Talking  Walking In The Rain Of Paris2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
278Modern Talking  Cosmic Girl2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
279Modern Talking  My Lonely Girl2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
280Modern Talking  Time Is On My Side2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
281Modern Talking  Fight For The Right Love2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
282Modern Talking  It's Your Smile2000 - Year Of The Dragon2000
283Modern Talking  Why Does It Feel So GoodAmerica - The 10th Album2001
284Modern Talking  From Coast To CoastAmerica - The 10th Album2001
285Modern Talking  MariaAmerica - The 10th Album2001
286Modern Talking  SMS To My HeartAmerica - The 10th Album2001
287Modern Talking  AmericaAmerica - The 10th Album2001
288Modern Talking  Send Me A Letter From HeavenAmerica - The 10th Album2001
289Modern Talking  For A Life TimeAmerica - The 10th Album2001
290Modern Talking  Last Exit To BrooklynAmerica - The 10th Album2001
291Modern Talking  Witchqueen Of EldoradoAmerica - The 10th Album2001
292Modern Talking  New York City GirlAmerica - The 10th Album2001
293Modern Talking  Run To YouAmerica - The 10th Album2001
294Modern Talking  Win The RaceAmerica - The 10th Album2001
295Modern Talking  Rain In My HeartAmerica - The 10th Album2001
296Modern Talking  There's Something In The AirAmerica - The 10th Album2001
297Modern Talking  Cinderella GirlAmerica - The 10th Album2001
298Modern Talking  I'm Gonna Be StrongVictory - The 11th Album2002
299Modern Talking  You're Not LisaVictory - The 11th Album2002
300Modern Talking  Blue Eyed Coloured GirlVictory - The 11th Album2002
301Modern Talking  Who Will Love You Like I DoVictory - The 11th Album2002
302Modern Talking  Ready For The VictoryVictory - The 11th Album2002
303Modern Talking  Higher Than HeavenVictory - The 11th Album2002
304Modern Talking  10 Seconds To CountdownVictory - The 11th Album2002
305Modern Talking  If I...Victory - The 11th Album2002
306Modern Talking  JulietVictory - The 11th Album2002
307Modern Talking  Summer In DecemberVictory - The 11th Album2002
308Modern Talking  Mrs. RobotaVictory - The 11th Album2002
309Modern Talking  Don't Make Me BlueVictory - The 11th Album2002
310Modern Talking  When The Sky Rained FireVictory - The 11th Album2002
311Modern Talking  We Are Children Of The WorldVictory - The 11th Album2002
312Modern Talking  Cheri, Cheri LadyThe Final Album2003
313Modern Talking  Give Me Peace On EarthThe Final Album2003
314Modern Talking  Brother Louie '98The Final Album2003
315Modern Talking  Don't Take Away My HeartThe Final Album2003
316Modern Talking  JulietThe Final Album2003
317Modern Talking  You Can Win If You WantThe Final Album2003
318Modern Talking  Geronimo's CadillacThe Final Album2003
319Modern Talking  You're My Heart, You're My Soul '98The Final Album2003
320Modern Talking  China In Her EyesThe Final Album2003
321Modern Talking  Ready For The VictoryThe Final Album2003
322Modern Talking  You're My Heart, You're My SoulThe Final Album2003
323Modern Talking  Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)The Final Album2003
324Modern Talking  In 100 YearsThe Final Album2003
325Modern Talking  Sexy Sexy LoverThe Final Album2003
326Modern Talking  Last Exit To BrooklynThe Final Album2003
327Modern Talking  Brother LouieThe Final Album2003
328Modern Talking  Jet AirlinerThe Final Album2003
329Modern Talking  You Are Not AloneThe Final Album2003
330Modern Talking  Win The RaceThe Final Album2003
331Modern Talking  TV Makes A SuperstarThe Final Album2003
332Modern Talking  MysteryUniverse - The 12th Album2003
333Modern Talking  Knocking On My DoorUniverse - The 12th Album2003
334Modern Talking  Nothing But The TruthUniverse - The 12th Album2003
335Modern Talking  Who Will Be ThereUniverse - The 12th Album2003
336Modern Talking  Life Is Too ShortUniverse - The 12th Album2003
337Modern Talking  I'm No RockefellerUniverse - The 12th Album2003
338Modern Talking  Heart Of An AngelUniverse - The 12th Album2003
339Modern Talking  BlackbirdUniverse - The 12th Album2003
340Modern Talking  TV Makes The SuperstarUniverse - The 12th Album2003
341Modern Talking  Everybody Needs SomebodyUniverse - The 12th Album2003
342Modern Talking  Should I, Would I, Could IUniverse - The 12th Album2003
343Modern Talking  SuperstarUniverse - The 12th Album2003
344Dieter Bohlen  SenoritaDieter - Der Film2006
345Dieter Bohlen  You're My Heart, You're My SoulDieter - Der Film2006
346Dieter Bohlen  Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)Dieter - Der Film2006
347Dieter Bohlen  Gasoline (Titelsong Aus Dieter Der Film)Dieter - Der Film2006
348Dieter Bohlen  Bizarre BizarreDieter - Der Film2006
349Dieter Bohlen  Love Is StrongerDieter - Der Film2006
350Dieter Bohlen  I Promised YouDieter - Der Film2006
351Dieter Bohlen  Brother LouieDieter - Der Film2006
352Dieter Bohlen  If I Were YouDieter - Der Film2006
353Dieter Bohlen  Don't Let Me DownDieter - Der Film2006
354Dieter Bohlen  How Will I KnowDieter - Der Film2006
355Dieter Bohlen  Cheri Cheri LadyDieter - Der Film2006
356Dieter Bohlen  Shooting Star (Unveröffentlichter Modern Talking Titel)Dieter - Der Film2006
357Dieter Bohlen  Tears May GoDieter - Der Film2006
358Dieter Bohlen  The Way You SmileDieter - Der Film2006
359Dieter Bohlen  You Can Win If You WantDieter - Der Film2006
360Dieter Bohlen  Geronimo's CadillacDieter - Der Film2006
361Dieter Bohlen  Take Me To The CloudsDieter - Der Film2006
362Thomas Anders  Brother Louie (New Hit Version)History2016
363Thomas Anders  In 100 Years (New Hit Version)History2016
364Thomas Anders  Win The Race (New Hit Version)History2016
365Thomas Anders  Cheri, Cheri Lady (New Hit Version)History2016
366Thomas Anders  Jet Airliner (New Hit Version)History2016
367Thomas Anders  China In Her Eyes (New Hit Version)History2016
368Thomas Anders  You Can Win If You Want (New Hit Version)History2016
369Thomas Anders  Geronimo’s Cadillac (New Hit Version)History2016
370Thomas Anders  Sexy, Sexy Lover (New Hit Version)History2016
371Thomas Anders  Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love) (New Hit Version)History2016
372Thomas Anders  You Are Not Alone (New Hit Version)History2016
373Thomas Anders  Juliet (New Hit Version)History2016
374Modern Talking  Juliet (Jeo's Remix)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
375Modern Talking  Cheri Cheri Lady (New Version 2017)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
376Modern Talking  Modern Talking Pop Titan Megamix 2K17 (Full Long Version)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
377Modern Talking  You Can Win If You WantBack For Gold - The New Versions2017
378Modern Talking  You're My Heart You're My Soul (New Version 2017)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
379Modern Talking  Geronimo's Cadillac (New Version 2017)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
380Modern Talking  Cheri Cheri LadyBack For Gold - The New Versions2017
381Modern Talking  Shooting Star (Remastered Version)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
382Modern Talking  Modern Talking Pop Titan Megamix 2K17 (Chorus Short Mix)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
383Modern Talking  Brother Louie (I'm A Lover) (New Version 2017)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
384Modern Talking  Atlantis Is Calling (New Version 2017)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
385Modern Talking  You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Extended Version)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
386Modern Talking  Win The Race (Scooter-Remix)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
387Modern Talking  Modern Talking Pop Titan Megamix 2K17 (3-Track DJ Promo)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
388Modern Talking  You Can Win If You Want (New Version 2017)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
389Modern Talking  Brother LouieBack For Gold - The New Versions2017
390Modern Talking  Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)Back For Gold - The New Versions2017
фото Dieter Bohlen
Основная информация
Полное имяDieter Günther Bohlen
Дата рождения07 февраля 1954 г.
Место рождения7 февраля 1954, Берне, Нижняя Саксония, ФРГ


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